RV Cleaning and Auto Detailing


RV Cleaning and Auto Detailing

RV Cleaning  by I-Clean.ca in Edmonton, Alberta. We tend to spend more time then we think in our vehicles. Our daily commutes to and from work, endless errands, carpooling, and road trips!

There is no better time then the present to get rid all of all the accumulated built up dirt, dust, and grime in the inside of your vehicle. We can help make your vehicle/RV look rejuvenated and new again!

Fabric Cleaning, Polishing, and Odour Removal

With our strong attention to detail combined with our systematic interior cleaning we will make you feel at ease and proud of your restored vehicle.

Our trained cleaning team can tackle all of your car, truck, SUV, or RV’s specific needs. Some of our main features included in our auto detailing include, vacuuming of all seats, floor mats, and ceiling. We would then proceed to a thorough steam cleaning of all the floors, mats, and seats. A leather treatment of all seats and console (if applicable). An interior cleaning/wiping of all the doors, console, and the dash. A washing of the interior door panels. A careful cleaning of all the windows, mirrors, and ceiling. Interior deodorizing/ purifying of all the accumulated unpleasant smells which happen over time. We would also continue on with a deep cleaning of the door jams and rubbers.

Addition Cleaning Services

RV Cleaning can be a big task to an average person. That’s why our company offers a full cleaning package on almost any recreation vehicle out there.  You can be rest assured that we will tackle all of your RV’s interior cleaning and exterior polishing needs. Our cleaning crew will vacuum and meticulously steam clean all of your RV’s upholstery. This would include all seats, couches, beds, and stairs. Your bathroom and kitchen will be sanitized and cleaned with the utmost detail, in turn leaving it looking sparkly new. We can also remove cigarette smoke smell from any RV, Motorhome or Camper Trailer. If you have a car or a truck that have been smoked in…, bring it to us and we promise to get any bad smell out of the car for you.

We have a satisfaction guarantee and are confident that you will be able to drive your car feeling like it’s new again.

Whether you are trying to get ride of a saturated smoke smell, musty smells, urine, or even vomit, our purifying machine can remove it all. Our powerful steam cleaning machines and cleaning solution can penetrate your vehicles most stubborn of stains.

Most of us spend a great amount of time driving from place to place in our vehicles. Let us help you make your vehicle feel like new again!

You can either drop off your vehicle to our store location where we can deep clean it on site, or we can have our cleaning team come to you.

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