Bed Bug Steamer Rental Edmonton

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Bed Bug Steamer Rental Edmonton

Dupray Home™ Steamer

  • Up to 50 minutes of run time with one fill up
  • Steam Temperature 145 C / 293 Fbed-bug-2-l
  • Steam Pressure 46 psi Bed Bugs Steamer Rental Edmonton
  • Weight 7.2 Kg (18.2 lb) 11 Gallon Solution Tank .

    Designed and assembled in Europe with high quality components, the new HOME™ steam cleaner has it all covered for you: a steady low-humidity steam production, a complete set of 14 intuitive accessories to complete any task and convenient steam pressure control directly on the unit. All this, on the best value steam cleaner that weighs less than 7.2 kg (15.8 lb.). With the HOME™ steam cleaner, cleaning and sanitation is as easy as 1-2-3.          

  • 24 Hr Rental $75.00 $55.00 
  • 48 Hr Rental $150.00 $95.00 
  • Weekly Rental $525.00 $220.00                                        

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Restrictions Apply: Rates are subject to change without notice. At this price if picked up from our location. Brand, specifications and colour may vary. Delivery and GST extra.

What is the Advantages in Using a Steamer?

Using a bed bug steamer to kill bed bugs and get rid of bed bugs in your home is environmentally safe and highly effective. Bed bugs cannot tolerate heat above 120 degrees F, and a bed bug steamer will kill bed bugs on contact.  Even better, steam can penetrate into hard to reach areas and through the cloth wrappers of mattresses and box springs to kill bed bugs hiding inside as well. It is not only very affective way to kill bed bugs in your home but also much cheaper than hiring a professional exterminator. Do it yourself and save money by renting this portable steaming machine to kill and eliminate bed bugs with little effort at all.

WARNING!  Do not use any chemicals on areas where you’ll be working on prior to using a steamer.

Recommendation: After you’ve successfully killed all the bed bugs by using a Dupray steamer, we strongly recommend cleaning the fabric areas with a carpet steam cleaner as a final step. By doing so, you will clean the area with high psi and high heat and vacuum up all the dead bed bugs and eggs that were left behind in the fabric by leaving the furniture clean and sanitized.